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There's three possible places to go from here:

  1. If you have a bug report and/or patch for Open MPI, you should probably subscribe to the Open MPI user's list or the developer's list and post it there.
    • Note that if you have a question or a problem and you're not sure that it's a real bug report, please see the Getting Help page.
    • If you feel that you do have a definite bug to report but are unsure which list to post to, then post to the user's list. Alternatively, you can post the bug directly to our bug tracker (see below), but it's usually a good idea to initially post it on one of our mailing lists, just to make sure we don't miss it.

  2. Open MPI uses GitHub for development and bug tracking.
  3. If you are looking for support or technical help, you should look at the Getting Help page.