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PMI Exascale (pmix): Master nightly snapshot tarballs

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

Note that snapshots are only generated when there has been a commit to the corresponding branch in the git repository during the last day.

Tarballs are made from the git master branch nightly at approximately 9pm US Indiana time.

Latest snapshot version: v1.1.1-7-g127e6fa

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Nightly snapshot pmix-v1.1.1-7-g127e6fa.tar.bz2 545KB Nov 24, 2015
MD5: 671c17cb0a101fb41f8dfbf42eac3123
SHA1: 40001d7b5108736cec87788542781896ffad9f67
pmix-v1.1.1-7-g127e6fa.tar.gz 688KB Nov 24, 2015
MD5: b1685872098f8f96fd2eba2ec6e00bb8
SHA1: 5f1a189d72443fec69ffb44bf453c86b90878e8d
pmix-v1.1.1-3-g1d5f816.tar.bz2 544KB Nov 19, 2015
MD5: c7524feed9b9c866df772fe80e687134
SHA1: 2298479d651da749d7afd03f8f66b37a4caeffc7
pmix-v1.1.1-3-g1d5f816.tar.gz 688KB Nov 19, 2015
MD5: 84eda25366ef4cb7a3f59d5d37296280
SHA1: ae0e9e438c52b38bd30900f86792e9c4b96f0e3f
pmix-v1.1.1-1-gdc94aea.tar.bz2 544KB Nov 16, 2015
MD5: c6b943113e57b7eb5ba6b7f7fbe3c899
SHA1: 1020af487f8d3e8f99e9ebc71df188fb861cb161
pmix-v1.1.1-1-gdc94aea.tar.gz 688KB Nov 16, 2015
MD5: c96be08f94bd8a4edca5308a13702845
SHA1: 68f58ceaae0731f00c463bf0528a3729a124d1ac
pmix-v1.1.0-2-g997c34f.tar.bz2 554KB Nov 13, 2015
MD5: 2677a4f5796c6bde1c12b7b116f44d2e
SHA1: 3e16a68b6140a7541b95a0f2160364383e6bd8a0
pmix-v1.1.0-2-g997c34f.tar.gz 699KB Nov 13, 2015
MD5: 78dd42c11590ef0a7ea5f31852757730
SHA1: 067192df4295494bc02e442adbb28b01ad8c8cf8
pmix-v1.1.0-1-g414b61c.tar.bz2 554KB Nov 12, 2015
MD5: 4721381fd3f6b3546f9a4255436ec470
SHA1: d2bb8449426b99a515bddbd4dc117ae6d6fe8d02
pmix-v1.1.0-1-g414b61c.tar.gz 698KB Nov 12, 2015
MD5: 10528d7a2469365bb1524dc48b2c4a7d
SHA1: ced35e48b4aaaf7e6a3b0d06d10b442edcbf2572