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Hardware Locality (hwloc): Master nightly snapshot tarballs

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

Users looking for latest stable releases should look here.

Note that snapshots are only generated when there has been a commit to the corresponding branch in the Git repository. This may be less than once a day!

Tarballs are made from the Git master branch nightly at approximately 9pm US Indiana time.

Latest snapshot version: dev-533-g9ec52a1

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Nightly snapshot hwloc-dev-533-g9ec52a1.tar.gz 4.91MB Apr 24, 2015
MD5: ba8055bd8d164c65026406e9f0a1e8d0
SHA1: 03e382efb5b8485b08fd565b4584b02c863f9247
hwloc-dev-533-g9ec52a1.tar.bz2 4.5MB Apr 24, 2015
MD5: 13b780dd4aced5c8fb245ad28d6b203f
SHA1: 66055c4bc89a42001cab90c156a25d983a1c7739
hwloc-dev-530-g1745372.tar.gz 4.91MB Apr 23, 2015
MD5: 1b1524cdcd712d91e98d9f3a7e390093
SHA1: c223c413294284baf7057ac5ac525072e504f1b0
hwloc-dev-530-g1745372.tar.bz2 4.5MB Apr 23, 2015
MD5: efa351bd5f37d6d42de850e94da86c14
SHA1: a1ec26492f6b1fe27a330a5635eb71edcc7809b5
hwloc-dev-527-g2379d7c.tar.bz2 4.5MB Apr 22, 2015
MD5: 43d0c51384193e83cbfd59c94610d630
SHA1: a07c48f1acaf7a23f42e9cd5c20285116b6884e4
hwloc-dev-527-g2379d7c.tar.gz 4.91MB Apr 22, 2015
MD5: a840e94c9807bc4adec26a4143069acf
SHA1: 535284b6cea381f6b83624360019a46500d1cafc
hwloc-dev-520-g72f6fca.tar.gz 4.91MB Apr 21, 2015
MD5: d2457c4be4213a3fed7c0e8f1b583e7c
SHA1: 402baf4424c691470f5c65e522632afa264ca70d
hwloc-dev-520-g72f6fca.tar.bz2 4.49MB Apr 21, 2015
MD5: 24ea294f89eadf767ad65030d35ab03b
SHA1: e503ed70f75d91b2b0d5e889281a9ccd120ad89a
hwloc-dev-504-g334df57.tar.gz 4.89MB Apr 20, 2015
MD5: 9e262129611b7afe7838cbf2cb188e49
SHA1: ae28b01136bd154c6a86e7226165dfadfccbe683
hwloc-dev-504-g334df57.tar.bz2 4.5MB Apr 20, 2015
MD5: 4c9bfc13f1ba81579ea95c99a422ae17
SHA1: 73610941c30ac68ed5e45353e5a3dfa17accad00