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Open MPI: v1.8 nightly snapshot tarballs

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

Users looking for stable releases should look here.

Note that snapshots are only generated when there has been a commit to the v1.8 branch in the Git ompi-release repository. This may be less than once a day!

Tarballs are made from the Git v1.8 branch nightly at approximately 9pm US Eastern time.

Latest snapshot version: v1.8.4-233-gdfc0ffc

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Nightly snapshot openmpi-v1.8.4-233-gdfc0ffc.tar.bz2 12.61MB Apr 17, 2015
MD5: 742342d21185372f23755b8f1d46154a
SHA1: 890689139ede599f8b26211ed31b227c2f727c0a
openmpi-v1.8.4-233-gdfc0ffc.tar.gz 18.77MB Apr 17, 2015
MD5: f2dba170884b8c3398c130abe29f941e
SHA1: d0a6574b976fa00f48695def45ac414b2f477b43
openmpi-v1.8.4-231-g7917e28.tar.bz2 12.61MB Apr 15, 2015
MD5: 31162a6a058829dedbec1430dc505ca6
SHA1: 3a501c5bb12334958ddfec97049d7c9a61e69c7b
openmpi-v1.8.4-231-g7917e28.tar.gz 18.78MB Apr 15, 2015
MD5: 0ea85c25858550a53b6a7cd43f5e320e
SHA1: 3a717197bc0ca01c71690165c9b93d1af82fad41
openmpi-v1.8.4-226-gc38725e.tar.bz2 12.61MB Apr 14, 2015
MD5: 04de5c68f706294d27462d2f694a7ecc
SHA1: e071202a2f505ebc5e23238fa41ecdfe6cfc44ec
openmpi-v1.8.4-226-gc38725e.tar.gz 18.77MB Apr 14, 2015
MD5: 6b495975fe0b33c7dc43658c2cf2ba01
SHA1: c226c865c7d9b495458514abede9be5f072acd36
openmpi-v1.8.4-213-gb140c2e.tar.bz2 12.6MB Apr 13, 2015
MD5: 7078a1e35173f4a16d43ce78ea9a35fe
SHA1: 25c4fce979eb748682b8fbba3868b5c79cb91c51
openmpi-v1.8.4-213-gb140c2e.tar.gz 18.76MB Apr 13, 2015
MD5: a5bfbd2919cf66d2ea20d1949aeb8a45
SHA1: 6cf0623a8220e379bdc151dc058d2b0f9e62358d
openmpi-v1.8.4-205-gfd32244.tar.bz2 12.6MB Apr 12, 2015
MD5: de17883d391b9623145cecd55d955dff
SHA1: d60eedf1532ed1ccbce39f8f0f9facc4ffb17283
openmpi-v1.8.4-205-gfd32244.tar.gz 18.76MB Apr 12, 2015
MD5: 2532813f3f6522b4d51b4063de669713
SHA1: e8de71c86dfe9c71f8c3b3e4b717b63f572386b1