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Open MPI: v1.8 nightly snapshot tarballs

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

Users looking for stable releases should look here.

Note that snapshots are only generated when there has been a commit to the v1.8 branch in the SVN repository. This may be less than once a day!

Tarballs are made from the Subversion v1.8 branch nightly at approximately 9pm US Eastern time.

Latest snapshot version: 1.8.4a1r32806

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Nightly snapshot openmpi-1.8.4a1r32806.tar.gz 18.87MB Sep 26, 2014
MD5: baa500d2c4bd9b345952e7227fb51bbe
SHA1: dd741fbf37eee880f43b7b617073cc8cc9d8a90f
openmpi-1.8.4a1r32806.tar.bz2 12.69MB Sep 26, 2014
MD5: 02b19cb5df3c2361916bc1ee00e77934
SHA1: 98823b806ed35ef5db9a3a883f27bf17286a8983
openmpi-1.8.3rc3r32794.tar.gz 18.87MB Sep 25, 2014
MD5: a39455f04b7d883afaf4f48ab284db53
SHA1: f561c60193701cdb132a9305d962577c39652374
openmpi-1.8.3rc3r32794.tar.bz2 12.69MB Sep 25, 2014
MD5: 77c3f0f70097233557b13db7b8fb2b07
SHA1: 31e1caae0d16e3458b43255829f7a20392b446f4
openmpi-1.8.3rc2r32793.tar.gz 18.87MB Sep 25, 2014
MD5: 74a14da69f24de7b3bf28fc62fffb2ed
SHA1: d106e27f2dfec590f3c5e872b22074acc004ac45
openmpi-1.8.3rc2r32793.tar.bz2 12.69MB Sep 25, 2014
MD5: cc297f7477d5f7945b42b1a3c56b6884
SHA1: 87f4651dbaa4b76ab9eaa9da2aa2d785538fe61e
openmpi-1.8.3rc2r32787.tar.gz 18.87MB Sep 24, 2014
MD5: fb8c9126ae73ce0141986dea4d3cba83
SHA1: acb8ac79344c3f86c1ac7d0cd83d36d7ae176339
openmpi-1.8.3rc2r32787.tar.bz2 12.69MB Sep 24, 2014
MD5: 613ef68a6ec6c264b7c62adc81dc464c
SHA1: 2a7c7fa202d0921581779e53ef76725aabe9f5f6
openmpi-1.8.3rc1r32776.tar.gz 18.87MB Sep 23, 2014
MD5: ae693b82ba5c7197cf21e3425f0e9325
SHA1: 502abeb8430292f277662e29e922d1a373d1b205
openmpi-1.8.3rc1r32776.tar.bz2 12.69MB Sep 23, 2014
MD5: 6aba426e3f1427d52fc8465b5f0a2a51
SHA1: 09b3eec2f5afb8597418fb14b0f9426d8e93ef46