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Open MPI: Trunk nightly snapshot tarballs

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

Users looking for stable releases should look here.

Note that snapshots are only generated when there has been a commit to the corresponding branch in the SVN repository. This may be less than once a day!

Tarballs are made from the Subversion trunk nightly at approximately 9pm US Indiana time.

Latest snapshot version: 1.9a1r32650

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Nightly snapshot openmpi-1.9a1r32650.tar.gz 19.12MB Aug 30, 2014
MD5: e49d3a9fbdd348b5fa1f0520a68ca4f6
SHA1: 4b2703dde7d57d19fb1d2395c982e8ba52d8c617
openmpi-1.9a1r32650.tar.bz2 12.81MB Aug 30, 2014
MD5: ed979c242114ace882cd0b4e9ff112f4
SHA1: 8a4beb96164cd576c0255c707def45b58ca5f527
openmpi-1.9a1r32649.tar.gz 19.09MB Aug 29, 2014
MD5: 3bdaae2d0738fbf44f142f2fe450721b
SHA1: 156a1b5089b0bc129cb31a67d67acab115808bd7
openmpi-1.9a1r32649.tar.bz2 12.78MB Aug 29, 2014
MD5: 949bb46310ece56975359aeddd367a76
SHA1: 9c47e83a479f9de2324500984aa97d86951f99c3
openmpi-1.9a1r32628.tar.gz 19.09MB Aug 28, 2014
MD5: 9eba96d68c136d11ca2d9312abc5b81c
SHA1: c0263f02e7db21408a2a72bff2ea1bf090c473a8
openmpi-1.9a1r32628.tar.bz2 12.78MB Aug 28, 2014
MD5: 9938df2a88c4b1201c4de72e525f45f5
SHA1: 601e68b11918d0f7be676b6e08bc0d53665a38ac
openmpi-1.9a1r32621.tar.gz 19.09MB Aug 27, 2014
MD5: ea7086195d49388fcb85e85307c47b1a
SHA1: 9d1a2215d1b2430928b1e33b14f908b17f7a82a6
openmpi-1.9a1r32621.tar.bz2 12.78MB Aug 27, 2014
MD5: 407d0a885063378ebffa33b2fe4cbe81
SHA1: 8997fb5dad3207ff44133475962f19fc2a17adc1
openmpi-1.9a1r32604.tar.gz 19.09MB Aug 26, 2014
MD5: 90773ff34bf78dde2ca852e2f3778db5
SHA1: fe4fcc6aebf1ab986a4860f21eebf66bb236a0fe
openmpi-1.9a1r32604.tar.bz2 12.78MB Aug 26, 2014
MD5: b088121f88546678b24e027352c87294
SHA1: b8cd8c523d151b67fae49a8a52df5eaaac351a18