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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] gathering problem
From: Hodge, Gary C (gary.c.hodge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-11-09 12:36:43

Answering my own question, I have downloaded openMPI 1.6.2 and still get the delay in the MPI_Send. Previously, I was using openMPI 1.4.1

I configured 1.6.2 with -enable-peruse and have implemented PERUSE callbacks.
Here is a trace of gb2 (PROC39) sending messages to ob (PROC28)

PROC39: 59.2268409810; SEND_REQ_ACTIVATE, count=81536, peer=28
PROC39: 59.2268649811; SEND_REQ_XFER_BEGIN, count=81536, peer=28
PROC39: 59.2270019811; SEND_REQ_XFER_CONTINUE, count=27178, peer=28
PROC39: 59.2270509811; SEND_REQ_XFER_CONTINUE, count=54358, peer=28
PROC39: 59.2270809811; SEND_REQ_XFER_END, count=81536, peer=28
PROC39: 59.2270869811; SEND_REQ_COMPLETE, count=81536, peer=28
PROC39: 59.2270939811; SEND_REQ_NOTIFY, count=81536, peer=28
PROC28: 59.2271299611; RECV_MSG_ARRIVED, count=0, peer=39
PROC28: 59.2271389612; RECV_SEARCH_POSTED_Q_BEGIN, count=0, peer=39
PROC28: 59.2271439611; RECV_REQ_REMOVE_FROM_POSTED_Q, count=172084, peer=39
PROC28: 59.2271479612; RECV_MSG_MATCH_POSTED_REQ, count=172084, peer=39
PROC28: 59.2271519612; RECV_SEARCH_POSTED_Q_END, count=0, peer=39
PROC28: 59.2271559612; RECV_REQ_XFER_BEGIN, count=172084, peer=39
PROC28: 59.2271609611; RECV_REQ_XFER_CONTINUE, count=27178, peer=39
PROC28: 59.2271759611; RECV_REQ_XFER_CONTINUE, count=54358, peer=39
PROC39: 59.2283769811; SEND_REQ_ACTIVATE, count=81536, peer=28
PROC39: 59.2283959811; SEND_REQ_XFER_BEGIN, count=81536, peer=28
PROC39: 59.4331379811; SEND_REQ_XFER_CONTINUE, count=27178, peer=28
PROC28: 59.4331819612; RECV_REQ_XFER_END, count=172084, peer=39
PROC28: 59.4332009612; RECV_REQ_COMPLETE, count=172084, peer=39
PROC39: 59.4332049811; SEND_REQ_XFER_CONTINUE, count=54358, peer=28
PROC28: 59.4332059611; RECV_MSG_ARRIVED, count=0, peer=39
PROC28: 59.4332109612; RECV_SEARCH_POSTED_Q_BEGIN, count=0, peer=39
PROC28: 59.4332149612; RECV_MSG_INSERT_IN_UNEX_Q, count=0, peer=39
PROC28: 59.4332199611; RECV_SEARCH_POSTED_Q_END, count=0, peer=39
PROC28: 59.4332269612; RECV_REQ_NOTIFY, count=172084, peer=39
PROC28: 59.4332539611; RECV_REQ_ACTIVATE, count=172084, peer=39
PROC39: 59.4332569811; SEND_REQ_XFER_END, count=81536, peer=28
PROC28: 59.4332589612; RECV_SEARCH_UNEX_Q_BEGIN, count=172084, peer=39
PROC28: 59.4332629612; RECV_REQ_MATCH_UNEX, count=172084, peer=39
PROC39: 59.4332659811; SEND_REQ_COMPLETE, count=81536, peer=28
PROC28: 59.4332669611; RECV_MSG_REMOVE_FROM_UNEX_Q, count=0, peer=39
PROC28: 59.4332719612; RECV_SEARCH_UNEX_Q_END, count=172084, peer=39
PROC28: 59.4332759612; RECV_REQ_XFER_BEGIN, count=172084, peer=39
PROC39: 59.4332769811; SEND_REQ_NOTIFY, count=81536, peer=28
PROC28: 59.4332809611; RECV_REQ_XFER_CONTINUE, count=27178, peer=39
PROC39: 59.4332849811; ERROR: component gb2 exceeded send time limit by 0.104915 seconds.
PROC39: 59.4332849811; WARNING: component gb2 increased page faults R=130898,0; P=130898,0; S=132207,0

Notice the 205 ms delay between the hi-lighted SEND_REQ_XFER_BEGIN and the subsequent SEND_REQ_XFER_CONTINUE
Also notice that there was no such delay in the previous send request.

The last two lines are my own debug that monitor excessive time spent in an MPI_Send and monitor increasing number of page faults.
After the delaying MPI_Send, the page faults have increased by 1309 (132207 - 130898) !!!

I looked at the PML code (pml_ob1_sendreq.c) and I suspect that something is going awry in the mca_bml_base_prepare_src function.
I believe that this is the function in which the openib BTL makes calls to register the user memory.

This delay in the MPI_Send kills any hope of meeting our real-time requirements, so any help is greatly appreciated.

From: Hodge, Gary C
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2012 12:27 PM
To: users_at_[hidden]
Subject: gathering problem

I continue to have a problem where 2 processes are sending to the same process and one of the sending processes hangs for 150 to 550 ms in the call to MPI_Send.

Each process runs on a different node and the receiving process has posted an MPI_Irecv 17 ms before the hanging send.
The posted receives are for 172K buffers and the sending processes are sending 81K size messages.
I have set mpi_leave_pinned to 1 and have increased the btl_openib_receive_queues to ...:S,65536,512,256,64

How do I trace the various phases of message passing to diagnose where the send is hanging up?