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Subject: [OMPI users] Checkpointing a restarted app fails
From: Matthias Hovestadt (maho_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-09-16 23:18:20


Since I am interested in fault tolerance, checkpointing and
restart of OMPI is an intersting feature for me. So I installed
BLCR 0.7.3 as well as OMPI from SVN (rev. 19553). For OMPI
I followed the instructions in the "Fault Tolerance Guide"
in the OMPI wiki:

./configure --with-ft=cr --enable-ft-thread --enable-mpi-threads
make -s

This gave me an OMPI version with checkpointing support, so I
started testing. The good news is: I am able to checkpoint and
restart applications. The bad news is: checkpointing a restarted
application fails.

In detail:

1) Starting the application

ccs_at_grid-demo-1:~$ ompi-clean
ccs_at_grid-demo-1:~$ mpirun -np 2 -am ft-enable-cr yafaray-xml yafaray.xml

This starts my MPI-enabled application without any problems.

2) Checkpointing the application

First I queried the PID of the mpirun process:

ccs_at_grid-demo-1:~$ ps auxww | grep mpirun
ccs 13897 0.4 0.2 63992 2704 pts/0 S+ 04:59 0:00 mpirun
-np 2 -am ft-enable-cr yafaray-xml yafaray.xml

Then I checkpointed the job, terminating it directly:

ccs_at_grid-demo-1:~$ ompi-checkpoint --term 13897
Snapshot Ref.: 0 ompi_global_snapshot_13897.ckpt

The application indeed terminated:
mpirun noticed that process rank 0 with PID 13898 on node exited on signal 0 (Unknown signal 0).
2 total processes killed (some possibly by mpirun during cleanup)

The checkpoint command generated a checkpoint dataset
of 367MB size:

ccs_at_grid-demo-1:~$ du -s -h ompi_global_snapshot_13897.ckpt/
367M ompi_global_snapshot_13897.ckpt/

3) Restarting the application

For restarting the application, I first executed ompi-clean,
then restarting the job with preloading all files:

ccs_at_grid-demo-1:~$ ompi-clean
ccs_at_grid-demo-1:~$ ompi-restart --preload ompi_global_snapshot_13897.ckpt/

Restarting works pretty fine. The jobs restarts from the
checkpointed state and continues to execute. If not interrupted,
it continues until its end, returning a correct result.

However, I observed one weird thing: restarting the application
seemed to have the checkpoint dataset changed. Moreover, two new
directories have been created at restart time:

   4 drwx------ 3 ccs ccs 4096 Sep 17 05:09
   4 drwx------ 2 ccs ccs 4096 Sep 17 05:09 opal_snapshot_0.ckpt
   4 drwx------ 2 ccs ccs 4096 Sep 17 05:09 opal_snapshot_1.ckpt

4) Checkpointing again

Again I first looked for the PID of the running mpirun process:

ccs_at_grid-demo-1:~$ ps auxww | grep mpirun
ccs 14005 0.0 0.2 63992 2736 pts/1 S+ 05:09 0:00 mpirun
-am ft-enable-cr --app

Then I checkpointed it:

ccs_at_grid-demo-1:~$ ompi-checkpoint 14005

When executing this checkpoint command, the running application
directly aborts, even though I did not specify the "--term" option:

mpirun noticed that process rank 1 with PID 14050 on node exited on signal 13 (Broken pipe).

The "ompi-checkpoint 14005" command however does not return.

Is anybody here using checkpoint/restart capabilities of OMPI?
Did anybody encounter similar problems? Or is there something
wrong about my way of using ompi-checkpoint/ompi-restart?

Any hint is greatly appreciated! :-)