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Subject: [OMPI users] Help: Trouble building OpenMPI v1.2.4 with PGI v7.0-6
From: Adam Moody (moody20_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-01-31 18:08:29

I'm trying to build OpenMPI v1.2.4 with the PGI v7.0-6 compilers on an
Opteron cluster. It fails during the configure trying to check the size
of a boolean datatype. I've included details below.

Anyone know how to resolve this problem?
-Adam Moody
MPI Support
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

I'm building with the 7.0-6 version of the PGI compilers on Opteron:

>>: pgcc -V

    pgcc 7.0-6 64-bit target on x86-64 Linux
    Copyright 1989-2000, The Portland Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Copyright 2000-2007, STMicroelectronics, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Here is the environment and configure line:

    export CC=pgcc
    export CXX=pgCC
    export F77=pgf77
    export FC=pgf90
    export CFLAGS="-Msignextend -g -O2"
    export CXXFLAGS="-Msignextend -g -O2"
    export FFLAGS="-g -O2"
    export FCFLAGAS="-g -O2"
    export PGI_PATH="/usr/local/tools/pgi-7.0.6/bin" # this was
necessary to get the PGI to build
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/local/tools/pgi-7.0.6/lib" # this was
necessary to get the PGI to build
    export PATH="$PGI_PATH:$PATH"
    export CONFIG_FLAGS="--with-wrapper-cflags='-Msignextend'

    ./configure --prefix=$PREFIX $CONFIG_FLAGS --enable-mpi-f77
--enable-mpi-f90 --disable-heterogeneous --with-openib=/usr

The configure fails with this message:

    checking for bool... yes
    checking size of bool... configure: error: cannot compute sizeof (bool)
    See `config.log' for more details.

Looking in config.log, this is what I see:

    configure:23445: checking size of bool
    configure:23747: pgCC -o conftest -DNDEBUG -Msignextend -g -O2
conftest.cpp >&5
    "conftest.cpp", line 157: warning: statement is unreachable
        return 0;

    /var/tmp/moody20/pgCCw95dctdp-LtG.o:(.debug_info+0xd1e): undefined
reference to `.LB822'
    /var/tmp/moody20/pgCCw95dctdp-LtG.o:(.debug_info+0xd26): undefined
reference to `.LB828'
    /var/tmp/moody20/pgCCw95dctdp-LtG.o:(.debug_info+0xd3c): undefined
reference to `.LB832'
    /var/tmp/moody20/pgCCw95dctdp-LtG.o:(.debug_info+0xd44): undefined
reference to `.LB837'
    configure:23750: $? = 2
    configure: program exited with status 2
    configure: failed program was: