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Subject: [OMPI users] multi-compiler builds of OpenMPI (RPM)
From: Jim Kusznir (jkusznir_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-12-31 00:50:48

Hi all:

I'm trying to set up a ROCKS cluster (CentOS 4.5) with OpenMPI and
GCC, PGI, and Intel compilers. My understanding is that OpenMPI must
be compiled with each compiler. The result (or at least, the runtime
libs) must be in .rpm format, as that is required by ROCKS compute
node deployment system. I am also using environment modules to manage
users' environment and selecting which version of OpenMPI/compiler.

I have some questions, though.
1) am I correct in that OpenMPI needs to be complied with each
compiler that will be used with it?

I am currently trying to make rpms using the included .spec file
(contrib/dist/linux/openmpi.spec, IIRC).
2) How do I use it to build against different compilers and end up
with non-colliding namespaces, etc?
I am currently using the following command line:
rpmbuild -bb --define 'install_in_opt 1' --define 'install_modulefile
1' --define 'build_all_in_one_rpm 0' --define 'configure_options
--with-tm=/opt/torque' openmpi.spec
I am currently concerned with differentiating same version compiled
with different compilers. I origionally changed the name (--define
'_name openmpi-gcc'), but this broke the final phases of rpm building:
 RPM build errors:
    File not found:
I tried changing the version with "gcc" appended, but that also broke,
and as I thought about it more, I thought that would likely induce
headaches later with rpm only letting one version installed, etc.

3) Will the resulting -runtime .rpms (for the different compiler
versions) coexist peacefully without any special environment munging
on the compute nodes, or do I need modules, etc. on all the compute
nodes as well?

4) I've never really used pgi or intel's compiler. I saw notes in the
rpm about build flag problems and "use your normal optimizations and
flags", etc. As I have no concept of "normal" for these compilers,
are there any guides or examples I should/could use for this?

And of course, I'd be grateful for any hints/tricks/etc that I didn't
ask for, as I probably still don't fully know what I'm getting into
here....there's a lot of firsts here....