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From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-09-18 18:36:52

On Sep 18, 2007, at 5:48 PM, Jelena Pjesivac-Grbovic wrote:

> Thanks for the info.
> so I handled the ssl stuff (installed module locally and added "use
> lib <path to CRYPT::SSleys>" to client)
> I am still having problems understanding what is going on.
> The system I am running on uses PBS, but I wanted to use it in
> interactive
> mode so I wanted to specify hostfiles.
> I am receiving the following warnings
> ---------
>>> Test run [netpipe]
>>> Running with [ompi-nightly-v1.2] / [1.2.4b1r16141] /
> [ompi/gnu-standard]
> Using MPI Details [ompi] with MPI Install [ompi/gnu-standard]
> Total of 1 tests to run in this section
> Test: NPmpi, np=2, variant=1: Passed
> *** WARNING: Unrecognized resource manager name (hostfile); the only
> permitted names are: "slurm tm loadleveler n1ge none unknown";
> skipped

Doh -- looks like a corner case that I missed (if you use a hostfile,
it should automatically set the resource manager to "none", I would
think). Did you set a value for "resource_manager" in the INI file?
If so, take it out or just set it to none. I'll file a bug to fix
this tomorrow (i.e., if you don't set it at all and are using a
hostlist/hostfile, the Right Thing happens).

For the moment, this is just a warning, so you can ignore it.

> Test: NPmpi, np=2, variant=2: Passed
> *** WARNING: Unrecognized resource manager name (hostfile); the only
> permitted names are: "slurm tm loadleveler n1ge none unknown";
> skipped
> Test: NPmpi, np=2, variant=3: Passed
> ---------
> What is causing this warning? (apart from the fact that hostfile is
> not
> known_resource_manager_names in
> What does it mean?
> I think I should set resource manager to none - but I am not sure
> where.
> I was able to submit trial results for NP to the database, but OSU
> tests
> are timing out.

If you want to see why the OSU tests are timing out, all the stdout/
stderr should be sent to the database and you can view it in the web
reporter. If you're submitting trials, you need to go into the
[preferences] link and enable the checkbox to show trials. You can
also fill in "testbake" in the search description field (or "bakeoff"
if you're running real numbers) in the [advanced] link to help
further delimit your searching in the reporter.

It's usually easiest to search for your organization (utk) for "past
15 minutes" or something like that when you're running a bunch of
little tests. Then you can find the specific test that you're
looking for, look at the stdout, etc.

Make sense?

Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems