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Subject: [hwloc-devel] Problem with hwloc/myriexpress.h
From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-02-03 09:37:15

Oracle recently pinged me with a problem in an OMPI build regarding the hwloc/myriexpress.h -- somehow #include "myriexpress.h" is picking up opal/mca/paffinity/hwloc/hwloc/include/hwloc/myriexpress.h instead of the system's myriexpress.h. This causes badness; see

I tracked down why this was happening: automake is adding a -I to any directory where AC_CONFIG_HEADERS is used to generate a header file. Since we're generating include/hwloc/config.h (i.e., the publicly-includable config.h file that is included by include/hwloc.h), automake is adding -I$(top_builddir)/include/hwloc.

For VPATH builds, this clearly isn't a problem (because it's relative to the build tree, not the source tree). But for non-VPATH builds, #include ordering can (and does) get wonked.

Unfortunately, the -I is added by Automake in a place where we can't simply filter it out with some m4 / shell scripting. Specifically: it's hard-coded directly into -- before configure is run.

Possible solutions:

1. We can use Automake's "nostdinc" flag to suppress this add-the-dash-I behavior.
  PRO: extra -I goes away
  CON: we have to manually add a -I for other AC_CONFIG_HEADERS
  CON: doesn't solve the issue for embedding (*** this is a deal breaker)

2. Rename myriexpress.h
  PRO: avoids the problem
  CON: breaks legacy apps who include "hwloc/myriexpress.h"
  CON: doesn't solve the real problem

3. Move hwloc's public config.h in a new directory by itself (e.g., include/hwloc/config/config.h)
  PRO: works around the AM behavior
  PRO: fixes the issue for hwloc and for embedding
  PRO: avoids any other name potential conflicts with include/hwloc/*.h
  CON: kludgey -- leaves a bitter taste in your mouth

4. Don't use AC_CONFIG_HEADER (i.e., use sed+friends to generate include/hwloc/config.h ourselves)
  PRO: avoids the problem
  PRO: fixes the issue for hwloc and for embedding
  PRO: avoids any other name potential conflicts with include/hwloc/*.h
  CON: I don't want to code that up :-)

It seems like #3 and #4 are the best solutions. I'm not excited about doing #4, so I'd prefer #3, even though it's a bit icky.

Any other suggestions?

Jeff Squyres
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