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Subject: [hwloc-announce] Hardware locality (hwloc) v1.4 released
From: Brice Goglin (Brice.Goglin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-01-26 12:04:39

The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the release
of v1.4:

v1.4 is a major new release series. It includes many new features and
changes over the v1.3.x series. The most noticeable improvement is the
ability to assemble the topologies of multiple nodes into a single
global one. See the Multi-node Topologies section in the documentation
for details.

Also please note that 64bits windows builds are now available for

* Major features
  + Add "custom" interface and "assembler" tools to build multi-node
    topology. See the Multi-node Topologies section in the documentation
    for details.
* Interface improvements
  + Add symmetric_subtree object attribute to ease assumptions when consulting
    regular symmetric topologies.
  + Add a CPUModel and CPUType info attribute to Socket objects on Linux
    and Solaris.
  + Add hwloc_get_obj_index_inside_cpuset() to retrieve the "logical" index
    of an object within a subtree of the topology.
  + Add more NVIDIA CUDA helpers in cuda.h and cudart.h to find hwloc objects
    corresponding to CUDA devices.
* Discovery improvements
  + Add a group object above partial distance matrices to make sure
    the matrices are available in the final topology, except when this
    new object would contradict the existing hierarchy.
  + Grouping by distances now also works when loading from XML.
  + Fix some corner cases in object insertion, for instance when dealing
    with NUMA nodes without any CPU.
* Backends
  + Implement hwloc_get_area_membind() on Linux.
  + Honor I/O topology flags when importing from XML.
  + Further improve XML-related error checking and reporting.
  + Hide synthetic topology error messages unless HWLOC_SYNTHETIC_VERBOSE=1.
* Tools
  + Add synthetic exporting of symmetric topologies to lstopo.
  + lstopo --horiz and --vert can now be applied to some specific object types.
  + lstopo -v -p now displays distance matrices with physical indexes.
  + Add hwloc-distances utility to list distances.
* Documentation
  + Fix and/or document the behavior of most inline functions in hwloc/helper.h
    when the topology contains some I/O or Misc objects.
  + Backend documentation enhancements.
* Bug fixes
  + Fix missing last bit in hwloc_linux_get_thread_cpubind().
    Thanks to Carolina Gómez-Tostón Gutiérrez for reporting the issue.
  + Fix FreeBSD build without cpuid support.
  + Fix several Windows build issues.
  + Fix inline keyword definition in public headers.
  + Fix dependencies in the embedded library.
  + Improve visibility support detection. Thanks to Dave Love for providing
    the patch.
  + Remove references to internal symbols in the tools.