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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] Open MPI nightly tarballs suspended / 1.5.5rc3
From: Paul H. Hargrove (PHHargrove_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-02-28 18:40:19

Testing 1.5.5rc3 on a "representative sampling" of my many platforms
looks good.
In particular, I've retested various platforms that showed any
significant problems previously and found them to be fixed.

Though minor, I do see that the following patches I've posted are not
+ Add a Mellanox PCI vendor ID to the device params file
     Posted 13 hours ago and not yet on trunk
+ Fix show_help_lex.l to avoid undefined behavior (and silence
associated warning from flex)
     Was applied to trunk as r25983
+ Reorder includes to avoid "'struct in_addr' declared inside parameter
list" warnings
     Was applied to trunk as r25984
Sorry if I've messed an exiting CMR for those last two.
No big deal if these are held back for v1.6, but figured I mention them
in case their exclusion was unintended.

I am assuming there is no interest in the MIPS atomics fixes, or the
PPC64 atomics work-around for an XLC bug.
MIPS 1of2:
MIPS 2of2:
If there *is* interest in these, let me know if there is any assistance
I can lend.


On 2/28/2012 12:44 PM, Jeffrey Squyres wrote:
> There is a serious chilled water issue at IU right now; all non-essential servers (including Open MPI's nightly build server) have been turned off. So we have no new "official" 1.5.5 RC, and no new nightlies will be produced until further notice.
> However, to keep the 1.5.5 release train going, I've made an "unofficial" 1.5.5rc3 and posted it in the usual location:
> Note that since there are no nightly tarballs, this rc will be farther along than the latest 1.5 nightly until the nightlies are resumed.
> Changes since 1.5.5rc2:
> - Removed the ofud BTL
> - Updates to README and some copyright notices
> - Fix the lt_dladvise search that caused VPATH weirdness
> - Removed the pcie mpool
> - Bring in some upstream hwloc v1.3 fixes
> - VT updates:
> - non-GNU compiler _FORTIFY_SOURCE fixes
> - VT-specific CXXFLAGS
> - BlueGene fixes
> - Fix processor affinity for some old/weird platforms

Paul H. Hargrove                          PHHargrove_at_[hidden]
Future Technologies Group
HPC Research Department                   Tel: +1-510-495-2352
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory     Fax: +1-510-486-6900