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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] "Open MPI"-based MPI library used by K computer
From: Y.MATSUMOTO (yuki.matsumoto_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-11-14 05:27:42

Dear Open MPI community,

I'm a member of MPI library development team in Fujitsu,
Takahiro Kawashima, who sent mail before, is my colleague.
We start to feed back.

First, we fixed about MPI_LB/MPI_UB and data packing problem.

Program crashes when it meets all of the following conditions:
a: The type of sending data is contiguous and derived type.
b: Either or both of MPI_LB and MPI_UB is used in the data type.
c: The size of sending data is smaller than extent(Data type has gap).
d: Send-count is bigger than 1.
e: Total size of data is bigger than "eager limit"

This problem occurs in attachment C program.

An incorrect-address accessing occurs
because an unintended value of "done" inputs and
the value of "max_allowd" becomes minus
in the following place in "ompi/datatype/datatype_pack.c(in version 1.4.3)".

188 packed_buffer = (unsigned char *) iov[iov_count].iov_base;
189 done = pConv->bConverted - i * pData->size; /* partial data from last pack */
190 if( done != 0 ) { /* still some data to copy from the last time */
191 done = pData->size - done;
192 OMPI_DDT_SAFEGUARD_POINTER( user_memory, done, pConv->pBaseBuf, pData, pConv->count );
193 MEMCPY_CSUM( packed_buffer, user_memory, done, pConv );
194 packed_buffer += done;
195 max_allowed -= done;
196 total_bytes_converted += done;
197 user_memory += (extent - pData->size + done);
198 }

This program assumes "done" as the size of partial data from last pack.
However, when the program crashes, "done" equals the sum of all transmitted data size.
It makes "max_allowed" to be a negative value.

We modified the code as following and it passed our test suite.
But we are not sure this fix is correct. Can anyone review this fix?
Patch (against Open MPI 1.4 branch) is attached to this mail.

- if( done != 0 ) { /* still some data to copy from the last time */
+ if( (done + max_allowed) >= pData->size ) { /* still some data to copy from the last time */

Best regards,

MPI development team,

(2011/06/28 10:58), Takahiro Kawashima wrote:
> Dear Open MPI community,
> I'm a member of MPI library development team in Fujitsu. Shinji
> Sumimoto, whose name appears in Jeff's blog, is one of our bosses.
> As Rayson and Jeff noted, K computer, world's most powerful HPC system
> developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu, utilizes Open MPI as a base of its MPI
> library. We, Fujitsu, are pleased to announce that, and also have special
> thanks to Open MPI community.
> We are sorry to be late announce!
> Our MPI library is based on Open MPI 1.4 series, and has a new point-
> to-point component (BTL) and new topology-aware collective communication
> algorithms (COLL). Also, it is adapted to our runtime environment (ESS,
> PLM, GRPCOMM etc).
> K computer connects 68,544 nodes by our custom interconnect.
> Its runtime environment is our proprietary one. So we don't use orted.
> We cannot tell start-up time yet because of disclosure restriction, sorry.
> We are surprised by the extensibility of Open MPI, and have proved that
> Open MPI is scalable to 68,000 processes level! We feel pleasure to
> utilize such a great open-source software.
> We cannot tell detail of our technology yet because of our contract
> with RIKEN AICS, however, we will plan to feedback of our improvements
> and bug fixes. We can contribute some bug fixes soon, however, for
> contribution of our improvements will be next year with Open MPI
> agreement.
> Best regards,
> MPI development team,
> Fujitsu
>> I got more information:
>> Short version: yes, Open MPI is used on K and was used to power the 8PF runs.
>> w00t!
>> On Jun 24, 2011, at 7:16 PM, Jeff Squyres wrote:
>>> w00t!
>>> OMPI powers 8 petaflops!
>>> (at least I'm guessing that -- does anyone know if that's true?)
>>> On Jun 24, 2011, at 7:03 PM, Rayson Ho wrote:
>>>> Interesting... page 11:
>>>> Open MPI based:
>>>> * Open Standard, Open Source, Multi-Platform including PC Cluster.
>>>> * Adding extension to Open MPI for "Tofu" interconnect
>>>> Rayson
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