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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] RFC: Move of ompi_bitmap_t
From: Broto, Laurent G. (broto_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-02-01 11:40:36

Hi folks,

I am Laurent Broto, a Rich Graham postdoc. I'm currently working on the BTL extraction with Greg Koenig and Rainer Keller.

At this time, I want to group all the *_bitmap function in only one layer.

Now, you know who I am :)

So, just one question. I had in my mind:
- adding a max_size in the opal_bitmap_t structure,
- at the init time, set this field with INT_MAX or whatever the type is _MAX,
- add a set_max_size functions to change the max_size,
- for each function needs this test, just do if( new_size < param->max_size) ...

I guess it is more efficient than the Jeff approach who is supposed to
- first test if the max size has been set,
- then ensure that the bitmap never grows beyond that size.

In the first approach we only do one test, in the second one, always one and sometimes two.

But may I miss something...

What do you think about this ?

-----Original Message-----
From: devel-bounces_at_[hidden] on behalf of Jeff Squyres
Sent: Sun 2/1/2009 7:37 AM
To: Open MPI Developers
Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] RFC: Move of ompi_bitmap_t
I just looked through both opal_bitmap_t and ompi_bitmap_t and I think  
that the only real difference is that in the ompi version, we check  
(in various places) that the size of the bitmap never grows beyond  
OMPI_FORTRAN_HANDLE_MAX; the opal version doesn't do these kind of  
size checks.
I think it would be fairly straightforward to:
- add generic checks into the opal version, perhaps by adding a new  
API call (opal_bitmap_set_max_size())
- if the max size has been set, then ensure that the bitmap never  
grows beyond that size, otherwise let it have the same behavior as  
today (grow without bound -- assumedly until malloc() fails)
It'll take a little care to ensure to merge the functionality  
correctly, but it is possible.  Once that is done, you can:
- remove the ompi_bitmap_t class
- s/ompi_bitmap/opal_bitmap/g in the OMPI layer
- add new calls to opal_bitmap_set_max_size(&bitmap,  
OMPI_FORTRAN_HANDLE_MAX) in the OMPI layer (should only be in a few  
places -- probably one for each MPI handle type...?  It's been so long  
since I've looked at that code that I don't remember offhand)
I'd generally be in favor of this because, although this is not a lot  
of repeated code, it *is* repeated code -- so cleaning it up and  
consolidating the non-Fortran stuff down in opal is not a Bad Thing.
On Jan 30, 2009, at 4:59 PM, Ralph Castain wrote:
> The history is simple. Originally, there was one bitmap_t in orte  
> that was also used in ompi. Then the folks working on Fortran found  
> that they had to put a limit in the bitmap code to avoid getting  
> values outside of Fortran's range. However, this introduced a  
> problem - if we had the limit in the orte version, then we limited  
> ourselves unnecessarily, and introduced some abstraction questions  
> since orte knows nothing about Fortran.
> So two were created. Then the orte_bitmap_t was blown away at a  
> later time when we removed the GPR as George felt it wasn't  
> necessary (which was true). It was later reborn when we needed it in  
> the routed system, but this time it was done in opal as others  
> indicated a potential more general use for that capability.
> The problem with uniting the two is that you either have to  
> introduce Fortran-based limits into opal (which messes up the non- 
> ompi uses), or deal with the Fortran limits in some other fashion.  
> Neither is particularly pleasant, though it could be done.
> I think it primarily is a question for the Fortran folks to address  
> - can they deal with Fortran limits in some other manner without  
> making the code unmanageable and/or taking a performance hit?
> Ralph
> On Jan 30, 2009, at 2:40 PM, Richard Graham wrote:
>> This should really be viewed as a code maintenance RFC.  The reason  
>> this
>> came up in the first place is because we are investigating the btl  
>> move, but
>> these are really two very distinct issues.  There are two bits of  
>> code that
>> have virtually the same functionality - they do have the same  
>> interface I am
>> told.  The question is, is there a good reason to keep two different
>> versions in the repository ?  Not knowing the history of why a second
>> version was created this is an inquiry.  Is there some performance
>> advantage, or some other advantage to having these two versions ?
>> Rich
>> On 1/30/09 3:23 PM, "Terry D. Dontje" <Terry.Dontje_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>>> I second Brian's concern.  So unless this is just an announcement  
>>> that
>>> this is being done on a tmp branch only until everything is in  
>>> order I
>>> think we need further discussions.
>>> --td
>>> Brian Barrett wrote:
>>>> So once again, I bring up my objection of this entire line of  
>>>> moving
>>>> until such time as the entire process is properly mapped out.  I
>>>> believe it's premature to being moving around code in preparation  
>>>> for
>>>> a move that hasn't been proven viable yet.  Until there is concrete
>>>> evidence that such a move is possible, won't degrade application
>>>> performance, and does not make the code totally unmaintainable, I
>>>> believe that any related code changes should not be brought into  
>>>> the
>>>> trunk.
>>>> Brian
>>>> On Jan 30, 2009, at 12:30 PM, Rainer Keller wrote:
>>>>> On behalf of Laurent Broto
>>>>> RFC: Move of ompi_bitmap_t
>>>>> WHAT: Move ompi_bitmap_t into opal or onet-layer
>>>>> WHY: Remove dependency on ompi-layer.
>>>>> WHERE: ompi/class
>>>>> WHEN: Open MPI-1.4
>>>>> TIMEOUT: February 3, 2009.
>>>>> -------------------------------------
>>>>> Details:
>>>>> WHY:
>>>>> The ompi_bitmap_t is being used in various places within
>>>>> opal/orte/ompi. With
>>>>> the proposed splitting of BTLs into a separate library, we are  
>>>>> currently
>>>>> investigating several of the differences between ompi/class/* and
>>>>> opal/class/*
>>>>> One of the items is the ompi_bitmap_t which is quite similar to  
>>>>> the
>>>>> opal_bitmap_t.
>>>>> The question is, whether we can remove favoring a solution just  
>>>>> in opal.
>>>>> WHAT:
>>>>> The data structures in the opal-version are the same,
>>>>> so is the interface,
>>>>> the implementation is *almost* the same....
>>>>> The difference is the Fortran handles ;-]!
>>>>> Maybe we're missing something but could we have a discussion, on  
>>>>> why
>>>>> Fortran
>>>>> sizes are playing a role here, and if this is a hard  
>>>>> requirement, how
>>>>> we could
>>>>> settle that into that current interface (possibly without a  
>>>>> notion of
>>>>> Fortran,
>>>>> but rather, set some upper limit that the bitmap may grow to?)
>>>>> With best regards,
>>>>> Laurent and Rainer
>>>>> -- 
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