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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] Fwd: [OMPI users] Onesided + derived datatypes
From: Brian Barrett (brbarret_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-12-11 19:14:23

I think that's a reasonable solution. However, the words "not it"
come to mind. Sorry, but I have way too much on my plate this month.
By the way, in case no one noticed, I had e-mailed my findings to
devel. Someone might want to reply to Dorian's e-mail on users.


On Dec 11, 2008, at 2:31 PM, George Bosilca wrote:

> Brian,
> You're right, the datatype is being too cautious with the boundaries
> when detecting the overlap. There is no good solution to detect the
> overlap except parsing the whole memory layout to check the status
> of every predefined type. As one can imagine this is a very
> expensive operation. This is reason I preferred to use the true
> extent and the size of the data to try to detect the overlap. This
> approach is a lot faster, but has a poor accuracy.
> The best solution I can think of in short term is to remove
> completely the overlap check. This will have absolutely no impact on
> the way we pack the data, but can lead to unexpected results when we
> unpack and the data overlap. But I guess this can be considered as a
> user error, as the MPI standard clearly state that the result of
> such an operation is ... unexpected.
> george.
> On Dec 10, 2008, at 22:20 , Brian Barrett wrote:
>> Hi all -
>> I looked into this, and it appears to be datatype related. If the
>> displacements are set t o 3, 2, 1, 0, there the datatype will fail
>> the type checks for one-sided because is_overlapped() returns 1 for
>> the datatype. My reading of the standard seems to indicate this
>> should not be. I haven't looked into the problems with
>> displacement set to 0, 1, 2, 3, but I'm guessing it has something
>> to do with the reverse problem.
>> This looks like a datatype issue, so it's out of my realm of
>> expertise. Can someone else take a look?
>> Brian
>> Begin forwarded message:
>>> From: doriankrause <doriankrause_at_[hidden]>
>>> Date: December 10, 2008 4:07:55 PM MST
>>> To: users_at_[hidden]
>>> Subject: [OMPI users] Onesided + derived datatypes
>>> Reply-To: Open MPI Users <users_at_[hidden]>
>>> Hi List,
>>> I have a MPI program which uses one sided communication with derived
>>> datatypes (MPI_Type_create_indexed_block). I developed the code with
>>> MPICH2 and unfortunately didn't thought about trying it out with
>>> OpenMPI. Now that I'm "porting" the Application to OpenMPI I'm
>>> facing
>>> some problems. On the most machines I get an SIGSEGV in
>>> MPI_Win_fence,
>>> sometimes an invalid datatype shows up. I ran the program in
>>> Valgrind
>>> and didn't get anything valuable. Since I can't see a reason for
>>> this
>>> problem (at least if I understand the standard correctly), I wrote
>>> the
>>> attached testprogram.
>>> Here are my experiences:
>>> * If I compile without ONESIDED defined, everything works and V1
>>> and V2
>>> give the same results
>>> * If I compile with ONESIDED and V2 defined (MPI_Type_contiguous)
>>> it works.
>>> * ONESIDED + V1 + O2: No errors but obviously nothing is send? (Am
>>> I in
>>> assuming that V1+O2 and V2 should be equivalent?)
>>> * ONESIDED + V1 + O1:
>>> [m02:03115] *** An error occurred in MPI_Put
>>> [m02:03115] *** on win
>>> [m02:03115] *** MPI_ERR_TYPE: invalid datatype
>>> [m02:03115] *** MPI_ERRORS_ARE_FATAL (goodbye)
>>> I didn't get a segfault as in the "real life example" but if
>>> is correct it means that OpenMPI is buggy when it comes to onesided
>>> communication and (some) derived datatypes, so that it is probably
>>> not
>>> of problem in my code.
>>> I'm using OpenMPI-1.2.8 with the newest gcc 4.3.2 but the same
>>> behaviour
>>> can be be seen with gcc-3.3.1 and intel 10.1.
>>> Please correct me if contains errors. Otherwise I
>>> would be
>>> glad to hear how I should report these problems to the develepors
>>> (if
>>> they don't read this).
>>> Thanks + best regards
>>> Dorian
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