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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] Plan for merging latest ORTE into the trunk
From: Ralph H Castain (rhc_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-02-27 08:40:12

Hello all

First, just for those less familiar with svn, let me explain why we need the
"quiet" time (the rest of you can skip to below). Merges are typically
simple - you effectively do one every time you commit to the trunk. Since
most commits only touch a few files, there is rarely a conflict unless two
or more people happen to be working the same area. Even then, the number of
files that conflict is usually small and easily fixed.

Large merges such as this one, however, cover a significant fraction of the
code base. Accordingly, there is a high likelihood that somebody is working
on one or more files that will be "touched" by the merge, and therefore
conflict. Making matters worse, as we approach a release, people typically
begin committing more frequently as they make that "last push" to get their
features included in the release, so the odds of being able to build, test,
and complete a merge before someone changes a "touched" file become pretty

As a result, it becomes almost impossible to do a large merge at times like
this without asking for a "quiet" time - hence the request. The changes to
most of the files are tiny (usually just a header file), but they do span
quite a few files.

My wife kindly granted me time last night to prepare the merge. I will be
doing some testing today, but - assuming the trunk today doesn't undergo any
huge gyrations - I actually should be able to do the commit tonight (Wed) so
I don't impact the work day tomorrow (Thurs).

So if you could give me a little quiet time later this evening - say,
beginning at 8pm Eastern time - I can probably get this done in a couple of

I'll send out a note later today to confirm or revise this plan. Remember,
once the merge is complete, you will definitely need to both autogen -and-
clean out your install directory tree - I can guarantee you will be bitten
by stale libraries if you forget the latter.


On 2/26/08 1:25 PM, "Brad Benton" <bradford.benton_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> All:
> We are now at the point where Ralph is ready to merge the changes he has been
> making to ORTE into the trunk. This is a major item for the 1.3 release and
> its inclusion into the trunk will enable it to be tested and stabilized on a
> wider variety of environments. To make this merge as smooth as possible, I
> propose the following procedure and timing:
> Between now and the morning (EST) of the 28th (Thursday):
> - hold off on major changes to the trunk, particularly those that would
> change the existing directory structure.
> - the trunk will not be locked, nor under gatekeeper control, so
> modifications can still be committed. But, please use judgement as to what
> gets checked in between now and Thursday.
> Morning (EST) of the 28th (Thursday):
> - Ralph will send out a note to the devel list to let people know when he
> is starting his merge. At this point, the trunk will become unstable until
> his merge is finished and initial tests are run.
> - During this time, please hold off on any modifications to the trunk.
> - Ralph will send out a subsequent note when his merge is done, and the
> trunk is once again available. Hopefully this will be within 48 hours of the
> start of the merge.
> I hope that this sequence will be acceptable to the development community. If
> not, please surface the concerns here so that we can discuss them and decide
> how best to proceed.
> Thanks,
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