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From: Nysal Jan (jnysal_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-06-06 07:02:13

Hi Jeff,

> 1. The logic for if_exclude was not correct. I committed a fix for
> it.


2. I'm a bit confused on a) how the new MCA params mca_num_hcas and
> map_num_procs_per_hca are supposed to be used and b) what their
> default values shoulant code)d be.

Probably these params(and relevant code) should be removed now, since there
is a plan for generic Socket/Core to HCA mapping scheme. mca_num_hcas is the
maximum number of HCAs a task can use. Eg. If mpa_num_procs_per_hca is 3 and
max_num_hcas is 2. On any node, task 1/2/3 are mapped to hca1 & hca2, task
4/5/6 are mapped to hca3 & hca4 ....
Default values were set as 1(thats what we needed at that point in time).It
needs to be modified so that ompi's default behaviour remains unchanged (ie.
use all hcas)

2a. I don't quite understand the logic of is_hca_allowed(); I could
> not get it to work properly. Specifically, I have 2 machines each
> with 2 HCAs (mthca0 has 1 port, mthca1 has 2 ports). If I ran 2
> procs (regardless of byslot or bynode), is_hca_allowed() would always
> return false for the 2nd proc. So I put a temporary override in
> is_hca_allowed() to simply always return true. Can you explain how
> the logic is supposed to work in that function?

Explained above

2b. The default values of max_num_hcas and map_num_procs_per_hca are
> both 1. Based on my (potentially flawed) understanding of how these
> MCA params are meant to be used, this is different than the current
> default behavior. The current default is that all procs use all
> ACTIVE ports on all HCAs. I *think* your new default param values
> will set each proc to use the ACTIVE ports on exactly one HCA,
> regardless how many there are in the host. Did you mean to do that?
> Also: both values must currently be >=1; should we allow -1 for both
> of these values, meaning that they can be "infinite" ( i.e., based on
> the number of HCAs in the host)?

Yes, the defaults need to be changed. I'll also make the selection logic
more granular (eg. -mca mca_btl_openib_if_include mthca0:1,mthca1:1)