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From: Ralph Castain (rhc_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-01-27 09:51:53

On 1/26/07 11:36 PM, "Greg Watson" <gwatson_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> I have been using this define to implement the orte_stage_gate_init()
> functionality in PTP using OpenMPI 1.2b1 for some months now. As of
> 1.2b3 it appears that this define has been removed. New users
> attempting to build PTP against the latest 1.2b3 build are
> complaining that they are getting build errors.
> Please let me know what has replaced this define in 1.2b3, and how we
> can obtain the same functionality that we had in 1.2b1.

You need to use ORTE_PROC_MY_HNP - no API change is involved, it is just a
#define. You may need to add #include "orte/mca/ns/ns_types.h" to pick it

You will also find that ORTE_RML_NAME_ANY is likewise gone - you need to use
ORTE_NAME_WILDCARD instead for the same reasons as described below.
Similarly, ORTE_RML_NAME_SELF has been replaced by ORTE_PROC_MY_NAME.

We discovered during the testing/debugging of 1.2 that people had
unintentionally created multiple definitions for several critical names in
the system. Hence, we had an ORTE_RML_NAME_SEED, an ORTE_OOB_SEED, and
several others. In the event that definition had to change, we found the
code "cracking" all over the place - it was literally impossible to

So we bit the bullet and cleaned it up. No API changes were involved, but we
did remove duplicative defines (and their associated storage locations).
Hopefully, people will take the time to lookup and use these system-level
defines instead of re-creating the problem!

> Also, I would like to know what the policy of changing interfaces is,
> and when in the release cycle you freeze API changes. It's going to
> be extremely difficult to release a version of PTP built against
> OpenMPI if you change interfaces between beta versions.

In my opinion, that is what "beta" is for - it isn't a "lock-down" release,
but rather a time to find your cracks and fix them. That said, we don't
change APIs for no reason, but only because we either (a) needed to do so to
add some requested functionality (e.g., the recent request for "pernode"
launch capabilities), or (b) found a bug in the system that required some
change or added functionality to fix (e.g., the recent changes in the PLS
behavior and API to support ctrl-c interrupt capabilities).

I generally try to send emails out alerting people to these changes when
they occur (in fact, I'm pretty certain I sent one out on this issue).
However, looking back, I find that I send them to the OMPI "core developers"
list - not the "developers" one. I note that the OMPI layer developers tend
to do the same thing. I'll try to rectify that in the future and suggest my
OMPI compatriots do so too.

Once an actual release is made, we only make an API change if a major bug is
found and an API change simply must be done to fix it. I don't recall such
an instance, though I think it may have happened once between minor release
numbers in the 1.1 family (not sure).

> Greg
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