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From: Ralf Wildenhues (Ralf.Wildenhues_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-23 16:26:56

Please apply this robustness patch, which helps to avoid accidental
unwanted substitutions done by config.status. From all I can tell,
they do not happen now, but first the Autoconf manual warns against
them, second they make some config.status optimizations so much more
difficult than necessary. :-)

In unrelated news, I tested Automake 1.10 with OpenMPI, and it saves
about 15s of config.status time, and about half a minute of `make dist'
time on my system. Some pending Fortran changes have only made it into
Automake after 1.10 was released.


2006-10-23 Ralf Wildenhues <Ralf.Wildenhues_at_[hidden]>

        * opal/tools/wrappers/ Protect manual substitutions
        from config.status.
        * ompi/tools/wrappers/ Likewise.
        * orte/tools/wrappers/ Likewise.

Index: opal/tools/wrappers/
--- opal/tools/wrappers/ (revision 12254)
+++ opal/tools/wrappers/ (working copy)
@@ -76,8 +76,8 @@
 opalcc.1: opal_wrapper.1
         rm -f opalcc.1
- sed -e 's/@COMMAND@/opalcc/g' -e 's/@PROJECT@/Open PAL/g' -e 's/@PROJECT_SHORT@/OPAL/g' -e 's/@LANGUAGE@/C/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > opalcc.1
+ sed -e 's/[@]COMMAND[@]/opalcc/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT[@]/Open PAL/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT_SHORT[@]/OPAL/g' -e 's/[@]LANGUAGE[@]/C/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > opalcc.1
 opalc++.1: opal_wrapper.1
         rm -f opalc++.1
- sed -e 's/@COMMAND@/opalc++/g' -e 's/@PROJECT@/Open PAL/g' -e 's/@PROJECT_SHORT@/OPAL/g' -e 's/@LANGUAGE@/C++/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > opalc++.1
+ sed -e 's/[@]COMMAND[@]/opalc++/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT[@]/Open PAL/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT_SHORT[@]/OPAL/g' -e 's/[@]LANGUAGE[@]/C++/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > opalc++.1
Index: ompi/tools/wrappers/
--- ompi/tools/wrappers/ (revision 12254)
+++ ompi/tools/wrappers/ (working copy)
@@ -84,20 +84,20 @@
 mpicc.1: $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1
         rm -f mpicc.1
- sed -e 's/@COMMAND@/mpicc/g' -e 's/@PROJECT@/Open MPI/g' -e 's/@PROJECT_SHORT@/OMPI/g' -e 's/@LANGUAGE@/C/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > mpicc.1
+ sed -e 's/[@]COMMAND[@]/mpicc/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT[@]/Open MPI/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT_SHORT[@]/OMPI/g' -e 's/[@]LANGUAGE[@]/C/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > mpicc.1
 mpic++.1: $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1
         rm -f mpic++.1
- sed -e 's/@COMMAND@/mpic++/g' -e 's/@PROJECT@/Open MPI/g' -e 's/@PROJECT_SHORT@/OMPI/g' -e 's/@LANGUAGE@/C++/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > mpic++.1
+ sed -e 's/[@]COMMAND[@]/mpic++/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT[@]/Open MPI/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT_SHORT[@]/OMPI/g' -e 's/[@]LANGUAGE[@]/C++/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > mpic++.1
 mpicxx.1: $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1
         rm -f mpicxx.1
- sed -e 's/@COMMAND@/mpicxx/g' -e 's/@PROJECT@/Open MPI/g' -e 's/@PROJECT_SHORT@/OMPI/g' -e 's/@LANGUAGE@/C++/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > mpicxx.1
+ sed -e 's/[@]COMMAND[@]/mpicxx/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT[@]/Open MPI/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT_SHORT[@]/OMPI/g' -e 's/[@]LANGUAGE[@]/C++/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > mpicxx.1
 mpif77.1: $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1
         rm -f mpif77.1
- sed -e 's/@COMMAND@/mpif77/g' -e 's/@PROJECT@/Open MPI/g' -e 's/@PROJECT_SHORT@/OMPI/g' -e 's/@LANGUAGE@/Fortran 77/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > mpif77.1
+ sed -e 's/[@]COMMAND[@]/mpif77/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT[@]/Open MPI/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT_SHORT[@]/OMPI/g' -e 's/[@]LANGUAGE[@]/Fortran 77/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > mpif77.1
 mpif90.1: $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1
         rm -f mpif90.1
- sed -e 's/@COMMAND@/mpif90/g' -e 's/@PROJECT@/Open MPI/g' -e 's/@PROJECT_SHORT@/OMPI/g' -e 's/@LANGUAGE@/Fortran 90/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > mpif90.1
+ sed -e 's/[@]COMMAND[@]/mpif90/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT[@]/Open MPI/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT_SHORT[@]/OMPI/g' -e 's/[@]LANGUAGE[@]/Fortran 90/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > mpif90.1
Index: orte/tools/wrappers/
--- orte/tools/wrappers/ (revision 12254)
+++ orte/tools/wrappers/ (working copy)
@@ -51,8 +51,8 @@
 ortecc.1: $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1
         rm -f ortecc.1
- sed -e 's/@COMMAND@/ortecc/g' -e 's/@PROJECT@/OpenRTE/g' -e 's/@PROJECT_SHORT@/ORTE/g' -e 's/@LANGUAGE@/C/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > ortecc.1
+ sed -e 's/[@]COMMAND[@]/ortecc/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT[@]/OpenRTE/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT_SHORT[@]/ORTE/g' -e 's/[@]LANGUAGE[@]/C/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > ortecc.1
 ortec++.1: $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1
         rm -f ortec++.1
- sed -e 's/@COMMAND@/ortec++/g' -e 's/@PROJECT@/OpenRTE/g' -e 's/@PROJECT_SHORT@/ORTE/g' -e 's/@LANGUAGE@/C++/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > ortec++.1
+ sed -e 's/[@]COMMAND[@]/ortec++/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT[@]/OpenRTE/g' -e 's/[@]PROJECT_SHORT[@]/ORTE/g' -e 's/[@]LANGUAGE[@]/C++/g' < $(top_srcdir)/opal/tools/wrappers/opal_wrapper.1 > ortec++.1