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From: Ralf Wildenhues (Ralf.Wildenhues_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-05-30 11:51:34

The following patches fix two rather nasty issues with configury, and
one missing bit of GCS update. All changes should be backwards
compatible (in the sense that they will work with older Autoconf
versions), the first two are necessary for correct functioning with
Autoconf-2.59 already, but the first will really bite you when you
eventually use 2.60, as it will cause a configure script with syntax
errors. The third is to support the directory names change mandated by
a GNU Coding Standards change (this change was actually found by a
warning measure Autoconf applies to configure scripts during the move).

The patches are against the trunk, but I guess similar ones apply to
whatever OpenMPI branch runs danger of being bootstrapped with 2.60


        * config/ompi_config_asm.m4 (OMPI_CHECK_POWERPC_REG): Fix M4
        * ompi/mca/io/romio/romio/ Fix some more M4

        * config/ompi_config_subdir.m4 (OMPI_CONFIG_SUBDIR):
        More consistent quoting, a la CVS Autoconf.
        * config/ompi_config_subdir_args.m4 (OMPI_CONFIG_SUBDIR_ARGS):
        The (undocumented!) Autoconf variable $ac_configure_args needs
        to be evaluated, to account for the quoting done.

        * ompi/mca/io/romio/romio/util/ Set datarootdir,
        necessary for Autoconf-2.60 which will define some variables
        based upon this value (e.g., datadir, docdir).

Index: config/ompi_config_asm.m4
--- config/ompi_config_asm.m4 (revision 10115)
+++ config/ompi_config_asm.m4 (working copy)
@@ -424,10 +424,10 @@
         addi 1,1,0],
- OMPI_TRY_ASSEMBLE([$ompi_cv_asm_text
+ [OMPI_TRY_ASSEMBLE([$ompi_cv_asm_text
         addi r1,r1,0],
- AC_MSG_ERROR([Can not determine how to use PPC registers])))
+ [AC_MSG_ERROR([Can not determine how to use PPC registers])])])
     if test "$ompi_cv_asm_powerpc_r_reg" = "1" ; then
Index: config/ompi_config_subdir.m4
--- config/ompi_config_subdir.m4 (revision 10115)
+++ config/ompi_config_subdir.m4 (working copy)
@@ -131,8 +131,8 @@
     export LDFLAGS LIBS
     sub_configure="$SHELL '$subdir_srcdir/configure'"
     AC_MSG_NOTICE([running $sub_configure $subdir_args --cache-file=$subdir_cache_file --srcdir=$subdir_srcdir])
- eval $sub_configure $subdir_args \
- --cache-file=$subdir_cache_file --srcdir=$subdir_srcdir
+ eval "$sub_configure $subdir_args \
+ --cache-file=\"\$subdir_cache_file\" --srcdir=\"$subdir_srcdir\""
     if test "$?" = "0"; then
         eval $subdir_success
         AC_MSG_NOTICE([$sub_configure succeeded for $subdir_dir])
Index: config/ompi_config_subdir_args.m4
--- config/ompi_config_subdir_args.m4 (revision 10115)
+++ config/ompi_config_subdir_args.m4 (working copy)
@@ -33,7 +33,10 @@
-for subdirs_arg in $ac_configure_args; do
+eval "set x $ac_configure_args"
+for subdirs_arg
     if test "$subdirs_skip" = "yes"; then
@@ -51,7 +54,10 @@
         -srcdir=* | --srcdir=*)
- subdirs_args="$subdirs_args $subdirs_arg"
+ case $subdir_arg in
+ *\'*) subdir_arg=`echo "$subdir_arg | sed "s/'/'\\\\\\\\''/g"` ;;
+ esac
+ subdirs_args="$subdirs_args '$subdirs_arg'"
@@ -61,8 +67,8 @@
 # Assign the output
-eval $subdirs_str
+eval "$subdirs_str"
 # Clean up
Index: ompi/mca/io/romio/romio/
--- ompi/mca/io/romio/romio/ (revision 10118)
+++ ompi/mca/io/romio/romio/ (working copy)
@@ -1475,7 +1475,7 @@
 AC_CHECK_HEADERS(sys/stat.h sys/types.h unistd.h)
- AC_DEFINE(HAVE_STAT, 1, Define if stat function is present)
+ [AC_DEFINE(HAVE_STAT, 1, Define if stat function is present)
     AC_MSG_CHECKING([for st_fstype member of stat structure])
         #ifdef HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H
@@ -1496,14 +1496,14 @@
         AC_DEFINE(ROMIO_HAVE_STRUCT_STAT_WITH_ST_FSTYPE, 1, Define if struct stat has a st_fstype member),
 # Check for statvfs and f_basetype field (Solaris, Irix, AIX, etc.)
 AC_CHECK_HEADERS(sys/types.h sys/statvfs.h sys/vfs.h)
- AC_DEFINE(HAVE_STATVFS, 1, Define if statvfs function is present)
+ [AC_DEFINE(HAVE_STATVFS, 1, Define if statvfs function is present)
     AC_MSG_CHECKING([for f_basetype member of statvfs structure])
         #ifdef HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H
@@ -1524,7 +1524,7 @@
         AC_DEFINE(ROMIO_HAVE_STRUCT_STATVFS_WITH_F_BASETYPE, 1, defined if struct statvfs has a f_basetype member),
 # Check for large file support. Make sure that we can use the off64_t
Index: ompi/mca/io/romio/romio/util/
--- ompi/mca/io/romio/romio/util/ (revision 10118)
+++ ompi/mca/io/romio/romio/util/ (working copy)
@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@